Trump puts whistleblower in Danger

The president of United States Donald Trump asks Whistleblower’s lawyers to identify their client and that’s created some security troubles.

blank - Trump puts whistleblower in Danger
Donald Trump has likened the whistleblower’s sources to ‘spies’ Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP

From the heart of the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s attempts to demand exterior help for his re-election campaign.

The lawyers warned the court that their client’s security is in danger according to Donald Trump’s statement.

And the main lawyer of the unknown intelligence who launched the warning about Donald Trump’s activities with Ukraine Andrew Bakaj said that he has a fear that on Sunday the Whistleblower could be in danger after the reveal of his identity.

Andrew Bakaj points at Donald Trump’s aggressive speech in a letter to Joseph Maguire the director of national intelligence and he is worried about his client safety.

Donald Trump’s launched a threat that presented disrespect for the institutional protections afforded to whistleblowers under federal law, and this was reported by the New York Times.

The president of the United States said that he just wants to know the identity of the person who gave the Whistleblower the information and described this as a spying operation, also he said some weird words: ” You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right… with spies and treason, right? We used to handle them a little differently than we do now.”

In a letter to the senior Democratic and Republican leaders in the Senate and House, The lawyer Andrew Bakaj spoken in favor of whistleblower and insisted that this system is a very protected system where revenge is not allowed and forbidden whether direct or tacit. he also said that he expects from the Senior Democratic and Republican leaders the full protection to his client and others.

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